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Cristina is absolutely fantastic. I am new to tarot, and Cristina struck just the right balance of giving me enough context and information to orient me without inducing overwhelm. She is incredibly intuitive, knowledgeable, and warm.

—Mira K.

Cristina's tarot reading helped me step outside of my day-by-day thoughts and see my question from a different angle. I was amazed by how much her reading actually connected with the challenges I was experiencing. I look forward to my next reading with her!

—Kevin H.

I am beyond grateful for the two tarot readings that Bruce (my miniature schnauzer) had with Cristina. The experience was simply extraordinary, delving into realms I had never imagined exploring with my furry companion….It was as if the secrets of his soul were laid bare, providing me with a profound understanding of what truly drives him and the beautiful bond we share. … Her tarot readings are a true gift, unveiling the mysteries of our beloved pets' souls and enhancing the love and connection we have with them.


Cristina is so connected to her deck that your reading hits on a deeper, more personable level. We had great conversations and a few laughs throughout the entire reading, and I walked away from it feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

—Jess K.

What impressed me most about Cristina's readings was that she was able to elaborate on tarot lore while simultaneously distilling complex topics so that a rookie like myself could understand what was going on. This was my first reading, so I was nervous that I'd be a little lost but I left with a newfound appreciation for tarot and a new perspective on a few things that were going on in my life.


People with more tarot experience than I will still love Cristina because of her encyclopedic knowledge of tarot cards and the literature about them. I'm the type of person who could sit and listen to her talk about the cards' art and meaning all day, and if she ever did a lecture or class on that I'd be the first to sign up.

It's clear that Cristina is passionate about tarot, and her passion extends to the people she's helping. She brings you into the conversation and makes sure it's not just her talking at you the entire time. She expresses genuine emotion when listening to you, and it's also fun to hear her get excited over certain cards.

This reading was different than other readings I received before. It got me in touch with my inner strength that I would need for my journey ahead. The reading centered me and gave me peace during a very uncentered time in my life. Cristina holds space so beautifully—it goes so much beyond the cards.


I cannot thank Cristina enough for the positive and transformative experience. I was captivated by her intuitive and compassionate approach. The cards seemed to reveal fascinating truths about my life, shedding light on areas I had never considered before. It was like the veil had been lifted, and I gained a deeper understanding of the underlying currents shaping my journey.


What impressed me the most was how the tarot reading helped me connect with aspects of my personality that I had long kept buried within. Cristina’s insightful interpretations and guidance encouraged me to explore these hidden facets, which brought about a sense of empowerment and self-awareness. 

—Amanda B.

—Anthony O.

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