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About Tarotcene


: from Greek kainos; new

: denoting a recent period or epoch

As a tarot practioner, intuitive, and multidisciplinary art witch, I believe that tarot can be a potent trailhead for self-discovery, a portal into inner creative power, and a springboard for personal growth. My readings are grounded in compassion, empathy, humor, and a deep respect for your individual journey. My clients tend to walk away with actionable and insightful takeaways, feelings of validation, and reminders of their right to radical self-care. At this time, most of my sessions are virtual; if you are in the San Francisco Bay Area and would like an in-person reading, feel free to reach out on my Contact page.


Some are surprised to find that creativity is at the heart of my tarot philosophy: I harness my background as an arts and culture journalist, author, book editor, and writing coach. I bring in creative exercises and cultural references and tend to prompt clients with self-reflection questions for an interactive co-creation experience. I also weave in psychological concepts, astrological and other traditional correspondences, and eclectic witchcraft practices. I also foreground inclusive language to relay the cards' messages in a rich, resonant way. Combined with my years of tarot scholarship, this fusion not only helps you get the most out of a session but also integrates tarot's lessons into your everyday life. As a Virgo Rising, I also help you walk away with a structured game plan for implementing the insights that emerge, inviting further reflection (we love a journal prompt), and feeling empowered for weeks to come.


As a lifelong animal lover, I also read for pets and have divined messages for many furry friends. Sessions can be done in person or virtually. 

Whether you're seeking guidance on a specific situation, looking for insight into your spiritual path, or simply curious about what the cards have to say, I'm here. Thanks for stopping by!

The tarot deck featured on this site is the Melanated Classic Tarot Deck by Julia Goolsby and Oubria​ Tronshaw.



As a queer woman of color, I strive to honor and respect the diversity of experiences and identities that make us who we are.

I actively work to integrate anti-racism, gender- and sexuality-affirming practices, and a culturally conscious lens into my work with tarot clients. I'm dedicated to using language that is inclusive and affirming of all identities and experiences. 


You are welcome here.

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